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I'm Dr. Mailer and to your right is my helpful assistant Dr. Green. He will be helping you throughout the site. He's quiet, but he misses nothing and is listening attentively, taking down everything.

DrMailer has the prescription for your ailment!

DrMailer and his staff even STORE your ads, up to 7 ads and 7 subjects, and then rotate them DAILY for YOU! Medicine has to be 'easy to take' and our HTML Editor is the EASIEST, SIMPLEST Tool you will ever use! Even if the very word HTML aterrifies you, there a re NO WORRIES! If you can CLICK your mouse, you CAN DO THIS!

Preventative medicine keeps you "Fit for Success"

So, we have decided the remedy is a safelist that is easy
to use, actually, you can set it and forget it, load your
ads and subject lines, up to SEVEN of them, once and that's it.

AD PACKAGES - We have combined all the best of MBPadvertising into
AFFORDABLE and EFFECTIVE packages - Guaranteed Hit Packages, Text
Ad Packages, Safelister Packages and Ezine ad Packages!
Save up to 35%!!

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Welcome To

The Virtual Advertising Safelist


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Your One Click Advertising Service !


Promote your ad to hundreds of business seekers every day and experience fantastic results with our 100% opt-in database of marketers hungry for a piece of YOUR progam or opportunity.

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