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Marketing Tools and Resources
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Web Design and Hosting
50 MB Disk Space, Free Sub-Domain ,Free
Technical Support,Access to Web Mail,
PHP, CGI, SSI Support FrontPage Support,
Unlimited FTP Access
2. VenBot AutoResponder:-A fully automat-
ed system that delivers instant personaliz-
ed marketing information to prospective
customers, thereby increasing your profits.
The intelligent VenBot also send out
personalized follow up messages to convert
more leads into sales effortlessly.

3. Access to Make Money University:-
Top quality business and marketing
resources including step-by-step tutorials.
Basically, everything you need to be a
 successful e-business marketer. This one
 is also free with your Gold membership in

Every month you will receive 500 leads and 30

phone qualified leads* for an incredibly low price!

 We beat all of our competition for product

quantity and quality.

 As an upgrade member you will benefit from the

use of an unlimited 800 voice mail service, free

auto-responder, free advertising for free & paid

members,free conference calling, and web

conference rooms! Join today for free and start

marketing! Even as a free member you are

eligible for direct sale commissions! You have

nothing to lose. Let us get your Internet

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Computer Language and Terms Made Easy
I'm a Newbie not a Dummie Just Show Me

The Best and Newbie-friendliest Learning Zone

on the Planet!

The Newbie Club is famous for its laid back, down

to earth approach to all things techie!

Here's where the answers to all those

mysteries can finally be revealed. All in

 Newbie-Speak! So just click on the

link of your choice below, and enjoy

the  ride. Seat belts and air bags not

needed! Let's go ....

"Hey, I'm a Newbie Not a Dummy. Just Show

Me HOW!"

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