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Product Review: ListFire (Email List Builder)
by Mark Joyner
     WHAT IS IT?
      - A viral marketing tool for building your email list.
      - Overall Rating: 4 Stars (5 Possible)
      - Viral Potential: 5 Stars
      - Ease of Use: 5 Stars
      - Price: 5 Stars (Hey, it's free)
      - Usefulness: 3 or 5
        (If your target market is Internet Marketers,
        entprepreneurs, webmasters, MLMers, or business
        owners: 5 Stars.  For anyone else: 3 Stars)
      - Use this - it's free, it's easy, it works.
If someone put a gun to your head and said, "fork over all of
your business assets, punk!"
And then said, "Well ... it's Christmas, so I'll let you keep
one."  (Hey, in my fantasy world muggers are polite ...)
What would you chose?
Almost any successful business person to whom you ask this
question would invariably say "my list".
Business on and offline begins with "lists" of people.  With a
good list of prospects you can lose everything else and still
come back swinging in no time.
Certainly the best marketing tool in existence (in terms of ease
of use and return on investment) is a good list of opt-in email
     NOTE: Good = a "warm" list of "targetted" prospects.
           (More on that in a minute.)
ListFire, by the brilliant up-and-coming Mike Chen, is an opt-in
email list building tool that uses the power of viral marketing.
It is, in fact, one of the best viral marketing tools I've ever
seen (this coming from a guy who was one of the pioneers of
viral marketing and has built Top 100 websites with the power of
viral marketing).
It spreads quite quickly, and will build your list fast, but
it doesn't come without its shortcomings (everything in life is
a give and take).
First, some may think that the lists built with ListFire are
untargetted ...  Well, yes and no.  That is, you are targetting
other newsletter list owners quite effectively!
What does this mean?  Well, it means that if your target market
is one of the following you're in luck:
     * Business Owners
     * Marketers
     * Webmasters
     * Entrepreneurs
     * Network Marketers
     * Internet Marketing Junkies
Chances are very high that users of ListFire will fall into one
or more of those categories, so if that's your target, stop
reading this review right now and sign up for ListFire:
If that's not your target market then it's sort of hit and miss ...
Whether or not people will be interested in what you have to say
is left completely up to chance.   But that's not such a big
This is what I like to call "Cheeseburger Traffic".
Cheeseburger Traffic may not be targetted, but it comes cheap!
I take as much of it as I can because I know it's just a numbers
game.  So, even if ListFire is going to bring you Cheeseburger
subscribers it's still a great deal.
Hey, it's totally free, very easy, and takes just a few seconds
to get started - so give it a shot.
Oh yeah ... and if your target *does* fall into one of the above
categories then you're basically getting Filet Mignon traffic
for free.  Not a bad deal.
Another nice thing is that the ListFire system allows you to email
to the list you build with it in a very warm fashion.  That is,
people will automatically recognize it as a ListFire mailing so
won't dismiss it as spam.
Further, you get to use thier servers for your mailings, so you
don't even have to worry about hosting the list you build.
Now, the best part about ListFire is that it's very viral.  That
is, your list will begin growing of its own accord.  Of course
your mileage may vary, but in my first day of using ListFire my
list was already 5 levels deep (meaning it grew virally 5 levels
below my starting point).  Not bad.
My conclusion: go take 5 minutes out of your life to sign up for
free.  In those 5 minutes you could sit around and ponder what
your next marketing move will be or you can sign up for ListFire
and start building more opt-in subscribers.
All the best,
Mark Joyner
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Do You Have What it Takes to Retire Wealthy and Be
Financially Free?
Answer this simple quiz to find out:
Would you be willing to work a few hours a week on
 a proven system guaranteed to bring you recurring
streams of income?
Do you enjoy working once and making money over and
over again? Are you a leader that says "I can do it"
instead of wishing things would get better? Do you
have an open mind to listen to new opportunities
before you discount them? If you can honestly say
"yes" to these 4 questions you'll find this
letter extremely important to your future.
There are only 2 things required to achieving
financial freedom.
The right attitude is the first part and
you've already demonstrated you've got that.
The other part of the puzzle is the right
opportunity and that's the reason I'm writing
to you...
My name is {Margaret Kelly} and I wanted to share
with you the most startling moneymaking discovery
I have ever found. (Actually, stumbled across is
 more like it.)
I've spent years looking for legitimate business
opportunities that the "average Joe" could profit
from but I've always managed to come up short. I
bought all kinds of tapes, distributorships, and
plans with absolutely nothing to show for my
effort. But one day my friend {friend's name}
asked to me to check out a new home-based business
he'd found.
To say I was skeptical would be an understatement
but I finally agreed to take a look at it just for
{John}'s sake.
What I found out completely blew me away!
I'd never seen a faster, simpler way to
start generating immediate streams of income.
I tried it out and after just {31} days I was
earning enough to sock a little extra away
in my retirement plan and go on that vacation
 I'd been promising my wife for years. The
best part is it doesn't require much time,
there's no selling and nearly zero risk.
It's so simple, I believe almost anyone can do
Listen, I'm sure you're probably skeptical
(just like I was)
but it took my friend, {John}to twist my arm
and finally turn me on to this incredible
And I'd like to do the same for you...
That's why I'm put together a special
information packet that explains everything
in full detail. I'll tell you all about my
story and this program. How it's given the
freedom to do what I want. To spend more
time with my family. Travel. And just enjoy
There's no-obligation and I promise no one
will bother you with annoying phone calls.
To get you copy of this important
information packet rushed out to you simply
send an email to:
Best, {Margaret Kelly}
P.S. One definition of insanity is doing the
same thing over and over again and expecting
different results. So unless you decide to do
something different you will never achieve
what you truly deserve. If you've been looking
for a way to create wealth, achieve financial
independence and finally get out of the 9 to 5
rut you owe it to yourself to send me an email.
I can guarantee you that if you put this aside
to "think about it" you won't be any closer
to your financial goals. Or visit

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