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Keyword: marketing.

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Analysis Date: Saturday, December 29, 2001 at 4:23:04 PM
Main Page: C:\PROGRAM FILES\WEBPOSITION\keyword-engineide....
Engine: AltaVista

Page Critic

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Page Critic - Based on the Analyzed data and the current rules in my knowledge base, here are my suggestions for improving the ranking of your page on AltaVista:**
Suggestions based on the analysis of your page for AltaVista for keyword 'marketing.':
  • Obtaining a domain name with your Keyword in it may significantly affect your score on AltaVista. Including the Keyword in a sub-directory name or page name can also help, although not as much. Separate multiple words by dashes, underscores, or slashes in the case of sub-directories. Consider purchasing a secondary domain name for this purpose if ranking well on AltaVista is important to you.
  • In general, home pages will rank higher than sub-pages, all other things being equal. Therefore, if you are looking for an additional advantage, consider purchasing additional domains named after the most important Keywords you wish to optimize, and then optimize the home page for each domain for a different Keyword.
  • Consider naming this page with your keyword included in the file name. Click the help link for further explanation.
General Suggestions for AltaVista:
  • Your ranking and the ranking of other sites may be influenced by the "popularity" of the site. This is determined by how many sites link to your own. The more sites that you can get to link to you, the better!
    [View Main Page Popularity]
  • Older pages on AltaVista appear to score better than more recently indexed pages. Therefore, it's best to not change or re-submit pages created for AltaVista if you don't have to.
  • You can improve your score if you allow your doorway pages to be spidered by AltaVista rather than submitting them directly.
  • Consider creating pages with varying Keyword weights for AltaVista. Click here to learn more.
  • Along with using your Keyword at the top of the page, be sure to use your Keyword at least once near the bottom of your page in the Body area. This can help convey an over-all "theme" to the page and may improve your score. Click here to learn why.
  • Since plurals are not recognized as being synonymous by AltaVista, try to use the plural form of the Keyword in addition to the singular form when possible to capture more potential traffic.
  • AltaVista is believed to be case sensitive. Consider using upper, lower, and proper case versions of your most important Keywords to increase traffic.
Suggestions for making your page conform closer to the statistical averages for top ranking pages for single keyword searches:

**Disclaimer: Since search engine algorithms are not made public and can change often, the above advice is meant only to be a strong starting point to helping you move your page toward the top of the list. For further tips, study the results of the Page Analysis below for detailed insights in how to emulate a top ranking page.

Page Analysis

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Area - Detail Not Shown Frequency Words Weight Average
  Main Page Title Summary 
      (1 Total Title, w/keywords)
0.0 1.0 0.0% 0.0%
  AltaVista Top Averages for Title:* 0.9 5.9 14.4% 55.0%
  Main Page Meta Keywords Summary 
      (1 Total Meta, 0 w/keywords)
0.0 33.0 0.0% 0.0%
  AltaVista Top Averages for Meta Keywords:* 0.4 12.9 3.2% 66.9%
  Main Page Meta Description Summary 
      (1 Total Meta, 0 w/keywords)
0.0 8.0 0.0% 0.0%
  AltaVista Top Averages for Meta Description:* 0.2 5.0 3.8% 57.8%
  Main Page Heading Summary 
      (1 Total Heading Text, 0 w/keywords)
0.0 1.0 0.0% 0.0%
  AltaVista Top Averages for Heading:* 0.3 21.0 1.4% 26.0%
  Main Page Link Text Summary 
      (7 Total Links, 0 w/keywords)
0.0 26.0 0.0% 0.0%
  AltaVista Top Averages for Link Text:* 0.5 31.8 1.5% 6.4%
  Main Page Url Summary 
      (7 Total Urls, 0 w/keywords)
0.0 28.0 0.0% 0.0%
  AltaVista Top Averages for Url:* 0.6 81.8 0.8% 17.3%
  Main Page Alt Summary 
      (2 Total Alts, 0 w/keywords)
0.0 22.0 0.0% 0.0%
  AltaVista Top Averages for Alt:* 0.6 11.0 5.3% 32.9%
  Main Page Comment Summary 
      (0 Total Comments, 0 w/keywords)
  AltaVista Top Averages for Comment:* 0.1 8.6 0.7% 16.3%
  Main Page Body Text Summary 
      (4 Total Body Texts, 0 w/keywords)
0.0 49.0 0.0% 0.0%
  AltaVista Top Averages for Body Text:* 2.4 240.0 1.0% 22.2%
 Overall Main Page
    (24 Total Areas, w/keywords)
0.0 168.0 0.0% 0.0%

*Top Averages for AltaVista are based on the average scores of the top 10 pages for dozens of keyword searches conducted by FirstPlace Software.

**Need more information? De-select "Summarize Analysis Data" checkbox on Page Critic screen and re-analyze to display area detail lines.

Page Properties

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Page Properties Main Page
Most times keyword repeated in a row: 0
Has same color text used as the background: No
Has Hidden Input area: No
Uses Meta Refresh: No
Uses frames: No
Uses controls: No
Uses Java Script: No
Uses VBScript: No

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