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Although GuaranteedHits is a UK registered Domain We also Sell Targeted traffic to most countries including, USA. Australia, Canada, South America, Europe, Asia, China, Far East ( from us anyway )

Prices and ordering for None UK Targeted Traffic

This Promotional tool is so simple to use.

We can send you 100's, 1'000s or 10'000s of Visitors

( Quality Hits, Not Banner Impressions or views ) to any site of your choice. 

Did you know that many of the cheap Guaranteed Hits sites, you know the ones. " get 10,000 Guaranteed Hits for only $20 " use Autosurf sites to generate your Hits, so your site is never actually seen.

We don't.  All of our traffic comes from redundant domains listed on major search engines. And pop under Hits on Major sites relating to the categories listed 

You tell us how many visitors you want.

5000. 10,000. 10,000. 100,000+

We also sell Pop up banner impressions in 2 sizes. 468 X 60  and 350 X 350 see prices page for more details.

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