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Get The Absolute Best FREE Advertising
On The Internet Right Now
Put this powerful technology to work for your site today!
       Target your ad to show only on sites that reach your best prospects
       Block out competing skyscraper ads from appearing on your site
       Join more than once and get multiple skyscraper ads in rotation
       Your skyscraper ads are 120 pixels wide and 600 pixels tall!
       Join Now, it's completely FREE!
And you get a full 2 to 1 ratio.
What this means for you is for every 2 exposures on your site, we will display your skyscraper ads on another member site in the network based on the target parimeters you set. This works the same way a banner exchange works except instead of displaying a simple banner, you get huge skyscraper ads!
You will earn 10% of all ad impressions earned by any member who signs up under your account - forever!
 This can add up to huge amounts of Traffic and Free advertising for your site!
Join Now and enjoy a great new source of quality traffic for your site.
As Internet marketing techniques advance to higher levels, webmasters must be ready to adapt to better, more sophisticated online advertising systems.

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Get 5,000 Hits to your Website per Hour!
Autosubmit your Ad to over 2,500,000+ Pages
Autosubmitter submits automatically and instantly
to over 100 Advertising Networks across the net!


To go to The Mint Team Website
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With our Primary Income Programs you can earn THOUSANDS of dollars every month, provided you are an active member of the programs and build a good referral base.

MINT MARKETING TEAM has a FREE Lead Generating and Recruiting system that can help you do just that!
MINT members also get access to lots of free and low-cost products and services. This page gives you a taste of what's available when you join the MINT MARKETING TEAM.

Other member benefits include:
  • A FREE website like this with all YOUR referral IDs inserted
  • Automated effort-free follow-up for visitors to your site
  • Your referral IDs can reach unlimited levels in the  MINT MARKETING TEAM
  • On-line statistics of your complete downline, and hits to your MINT programs
  • Multiple income opportunities built with a strong team and the same downline!
  • A FREE advertising Co-Op that will help you grow right away

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